Rider Profile

Simon Ryan


Name: Simon Ryan
Date of Birth: 18/04/1992
Height: 169cm
Weight: 71kg

Daily Routine

Up at 7:30am, make my breakfast and lunch for work. At 8:20 cycle 9.5km to work for 8:50. Work as a bicycle mechanic from 9am-6pm. Cycle 10.5km home in the door at 6:45, shower, put my work clothes/cycling kit in the was and cook my dinner by 8 o clock. Collect my girlfriend after work at 8:30, bring her home, say hello to her family, watch a small bit of tv. Come back to my house for 10:30, hang my washing and in bed by 11pm

Riding my bike is a hobby now. It's something I enjoy doing and helps keep me fit and healthy. Finding time to spend with my girlfriend and family is more important now that I'm living away from home. If I miss a day training then so what. The dream of turning professional is well behind me.

Working 40hrs a week standing on my feet all day limits the amount of time and energy I have for training. My diet is pretty clean. A big bowl of porridge for breakfast every morning to last me through until lunch. Lunch consists of Tuna in a brown wrap with sweetcorn and beetroot, an apple, a banana and a lunchbox full of red and green grapes and strawberries. Plain pasta or rice with chicken or meat for dinner. No added sauce. Possibly another apple late at night if I'm hungry just to tide me over until the morning.

High Point

High point in my cycling career would be winning county rider on stage 5 of the 2015 An Post Rás. Low point is realising that a pro career was not going to happen for me.


Training consists of riding over and back to work, 4 days a week. And a long spin on my day off normally a Wednesday during the week. Racing then on a Sunday.

Monday: ride over and back to work, 50-60 minutes
Tuesday: day off
Wednesday: long spin, 3-4hrs with motor pacing weather permitting
Thursday: ride over and back to work 50-60 minutes
Friday: ride over and back to work 50-60 minutes
Saturday: ride over and back to work 50-60 minutes Sun: race day 3hrs +

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