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Paul Norton


Name: Paul Norton

Balancing life

Like most people in their mid-30’s who race on the domestic scene in Ireland, life is a balancing act of family, work, training and racing. I have a 2 year old daughter and I work 9 to 5 during the week. So I try to fit my training and racing around work and spending quality time with Chloe. I ride into work every day so I use the commute to get some training done or to recover from a race the day before.

Weekly Routine

Monday – Ride to work easy 35mins – use as recovery ride if I have raced on Sunday. Usually I will have porridge and fruit when I get into the office. Lunch will usually consist of soup or salad or perhaps a Subway as a treat! Then ride home easy 35mins. Monday is all about recovery if I have raced on Sunday. I will always try to stretch for 5 mins and do a core session for 5 mins. Dinner is anything from salmon and veg, chicken stir-fry, pasta Bolognese, chilli con carne, chicken fajitas.

Tuesday – ride to work 35mins. I will usually meet up with a few guys on a Tuesday evening to do a long ride. This will be 1.5 to 2hrs and will consist of intervals or some hard up and over riding. Again, when I get home I stretch and do a core session if I’m not to wrecked!!!

Wednesday – ride into work easy to recover from a hard session the night before. Depending on how I am feeling in the evening, I will try and add on an extra 30 to 45mins onto the commute on the way home. I will ride steady out the coast to Howth and ride over the hill a couple of times. I will do a mixture of intervals and cadence drills.

Thursday – ride into work easy as usual. I’m usually starting to feel a bit of fatigue by Thursday if I have raced on Sunday and trained on Tuesday and Wednesday. So I will use Thursday as a rest/recovery day. If I haven’t trained on Wednesday, then I might to an hour on the rollers after I have collected Chloe from crèche and have put her to bed.

Friday – ride into work easy. I finish at 4 on Friday so I will either use the extra hour to get a speed session in the legs before a race on Saturday or I will just ride home and collect Chloe at 5.

Saturday/Sunday – I will dedicate one day to a race and one day to Chloe. Usually this alternates each weekend. When I spend Saturday with Chloe I will usually spin the legs out on Saturday evening after she goes to bed and then race on Sunday. If I race on the Saturday then I’ll usually do a session on Friday on the commute home to open the legs before Saturday’s race. On Sunday evening I will usually chill out with a movie and take away or perhaps head out for dinner and the cinema!


Last season my target was to get from A3 to A2 with a win before the Summer and to ride a stage race. I ended up going up to A2 in March after a 2nd and 6th place in my first 3 races of the season but no win unfortunately! I rode the Gorey 3 Day at Easter and then rode the Ballinrobe 3 Day in May. I then got another 2nd place in a Mondello race and a string of top 10’s that saw me progress to the A1 ranks in August.


My goals for the 2017 season is to ride the Rás Mumhan at Easter and the Suir Valley 3 Day race in August. Winning an A1 race this year might be out of reach but I’d be hopeful of picking up some more top 10 results.

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