Rider Profile

Michael FitzGerald


Name: Michael FitzGerald
Date of Birth: 17/04/78

A day in the life


(Typically January/February)

  • Work at 8-5

  • Collect kids on the way home for work Wednesday to Friday

  • House work and some homework with oldest child

  • Tuesday and Thursday train for 1-2 hours on bike

  • Wednesday would be gym for 1 and a half hours

  • Bed 10.30


Saturday up for 7 out on the bike for 7.30am back for 9.45 to let girlfriend go to work then go to visit mother and in the afternoon bring the mother to visit father in nursing home. Home for tea time. Make the dinner. Give youngest child bath. Rest up for the rest of the evening. Sunday up for 8 out on the bike for 8.30am for a group spin for 5hours. Home for dinner. Spend some time with the in-laws. Bed early My week to week training does not change much as I don’t have much spare time .I usually start this type of training in January and keep it going until the Ras after that id be more relaxed about training.

Balancing life with training/ racing

It’s like walking a tight rope, you need to train enough so you don’t get a kicking in the races and you need to be around at home to spend time with girlfriend and kids. It helps that the girlfriend is very understanding and is very supportive to me as cycling takes so much time and money and only for her support I would not be racing.


Diet is fairly simple. Porridge, fruit, Salads and dinner is whatever herself puts up. I try to have a healthy varied diet.

Highs and Lows

Having a good team around you to train and race with could be classed as a high. Seeing one of the lads win or having a win are the obvious highs. There aren’t as much lows except if you hit the ground.

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