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Matt Slattery


Name: Matt Slattery
Age: 37
Height: 181cm
Weight: 69kg

Matt Slattery


So, Ive been cycling most if my life, won my first trophy at the age of five for being the youngest competitor at a BMX race. Ive been hooked ever since. Began Mountain biking at 13 and found I was actually ok at it which resulted in me being selected for the Irish National team as a Junior and an U/23. Started to do some training on the road bike to supplement the MTB and ended up doing the Rás a couple of times, I also got an Irish team selection on the Road where I raced in Belgium.

After a car crash I took time out for a few years and did a bit of travelling. Upon arriving home I picked up the bike straight away again and have been clocking up the miles ever since adding Cyclo Cross to one of my many desciplines. Lucky for me I work in a bike shop which is owned by a man who was one of the best cyclists in Ireland during his years so its never been a hassle for me to get my training in.


During the most challenging times of training when the volume is high a normal day would be to wake at 8am, have a good breakfast of porridge, toast and yogurt. Jump on the bike for 9am and get a 3/4/5 hour spin under the belt depending on whats waiting for me in my training programme. Have a good lunch when I get back and off to work till 6pm. Have dinner at 6:30pm and depending on what I did in the morning, it would be gym work at 7/the bike again for an hour or a bit of stretching/maintenance training if I was feeling a bit tired.

So between work and play, cycling is 24/7 for me. Its definately a sport that you have to love if your at the top level but it has its rewards as well as lows which usually come in the form of injury, something that tends to happen a bit more with age. But in a sadistic way those lows tend to make the highs a little bit sweeter.

Recent Results


Munster CX Champion 2016:

  • Munster CX Series : Winner 2016

  • Rd 4 Deronde Cross, Cork : 1st

  • Rd 5 K-Cross, Killarney : 1st

  • Rd 6 Drombane, Tipp : 1st

Other Results:

  • Silver Medal at the National MTB Marathon Championships 2013 and 2014

  • 7th County Rider Classification An Post Ras 2014

  • Kerry Sports Star and Special Awards winner 2016

  • Kerry Sports Star of the Month December 2016

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