Rider Profile

Mark Dowling


Name: Mark Dowling
Age: 30
Height: 173cm
Weight: 58kg

Weekly Training Routine

Monday is generally one to two hours steady riding as a recovery from the previous days racing. The route would normally be around Enniskerry and Bray and these 2 locations would be the preferred routes for my shorter rides.

Tuesday will be focused on hill training . The ride will be anywhere between four to five hours in the Dublin Mountains.

Wednesday is made up for two rides of two hours each . Morning ride will consist of sprint training and the evening ride will be made up of flat and hill 5 min max efforts.

Thursday will be a long ride up to six hours out in the direction of Laragh and Blessington which are places in Wicklow that are very cycling friendly but hard roads.

Friday will be a short 1.30hr ride with some max efforts to prepare the body for the weekends racing . Saturday and Sunday are race days around the country where I hope to achieve my goals or work towards them.


Taiwan KOM : 3rd
National Road Champs :  6th
Ras Mumhan : 1st
Tour Of Ulster : 1st
Suir Valley : 1st
Des Hanlon : 1st
Nenagh Classic : 1st
County Rider Awards : An Post Ras
Winner Team Award : An Post Ras 2016

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