Rider Profile

Michael Lucey


Name: Michael Lucey
Date of Birth: 28/03/1986
Height: 6ft 2"
Weight: 85kg

Michael Lucey

Life on a Bike

I have been racing bikes since I was 13 years of age. I first start mountain biking with my local club, Killarney CC and soon after progressed to road racing. I got my first victory at 15 and was national junior road race champion at 17 back in 2003. I was Munster Senior Time Trial champion in 2014.


I usually try to get on the bike at least 5 days a week.  Monday is usually a rest day or an easy spin. I do a short hard session on the turbo trainer. Usually up to an hour with zone 4 – 6 intervals. Wednesday I try and get up to 3 hours on the road either before work or in the evening with lights. This is mainly an endurance session with 1 or 2 x 10 min intervals thrown in. Thursday is usually another turbo session similar to Tuesdays session. Friday is also a rest day or a quick 30 min session on the turbo, 10 min warm up 10 x 30 second intervals and then 10 min warm down. On Saturday I usually do an easy hour or 2 and get my bike ready for racing the next day. Sunday Is race day where hopefully all the training during the week is put to good use!

2017 Goals

This year the team are after recruiting a few big hitter’s onto the team so it would be nice to help take home a yellow jersey at 1 of the big stage races during the year and get up in the team classification as well as well as trying to get a few win’s for myself during the season.

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