Rider Profile

Bryan McCrystal


Name: Bryan McCrystal
Age: 36
Height: 190cm
Weight: 90kg

Daily Routine

I try and train early around 6:30, that could be a swim ora run. I try and get home helping with school run etc etc. I spend most of the morning ringing around my group of guys that I write training plans for or I could be in meetings. If theres time Ill try and sneak some training in before school pick up. If that doesnt happen I wait until that evening when my wife comes home.

Balancing life

The word balance is very important to me. When I start getting ahead of myself something else collapses. I found out the hard way years ago so I approach training maybe a little different than others. Instead of doing as much as my time allows, I just do enough and like to sit down a little more. I like the races to really bring me on instead of really hitting myself hard on the training field. I am looking forward to Ras Mumhan and the An Post Ras. Racing with the Velo guys is going to be fun.


I try and eat a balanced diet and treat myself around training times. I dont over think it and give myself a hard time anymore. 80/20 rule is good enough for me.

Highs and lows

Day 2 An Post ras 2016. Low, Finishing 2nd .High, Finishing 2nd. Finishing 2nd was a big achievent for me but coming close to the elusive win was agonizing.

Training Schedule

It's a mix of swim, bike and run. All that will take me a around 12-16 hours. I plan 3 days ahead and train on how i feel.

Monday: Morning, 60 min swim. Nothing the rest of the day as I probably had a hard weekend
Tuesday: Morning, 80 Min Swim. Mid Morning, Gym session. Evening, Aerobic 60 min run
Wednesday: Morning, 80 min swim. Afternoon/evening 2hr bike ride Turbo
Thursday: I try and get a 3/4 hour ride in. I might run 30 mins after the ride depending on how I feel. I might try and get to the gym in the evening.
Friday: Morning, 80 min Swim. Afternoon/evening 2hr + run in the mountains
Saturday: If im not racing Ill do a 90 min hard run
Sunday: If im not racing Ill try and ride for 3/4 hours with race intervals.

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