Rider Profile

Anthony Doyle


Name: Anthony 'Zippy' Doyle
Age: 43
Height: 5ft 6"
Weight: 62kg

Daily Routine

I'm up at 6am usually and head to one of my favourite coffee shops for a flat white immediately! My days are pretty busy at the moment juggling 2 jobs and my treatment room @DK Injury Clinic. I miss having more time to train but I do try to fit in a quick turbo session during the day if the schedule allows and that's pretty much it every day at the moment.

I get home at 9pm and into bed by 10. Zero craic!

What I  eat

My diet is very simple and I usually eat super clean (unless I'm on a stage race and not racing!) GourmetFuel where I work, sort out most of my meals which is a of huge benefit. I love to cook and would be a big foodie.

Highs & Lows

Being away with the team having the craic on stage races is one of the highs and obviously any time I've thrown my hands in the air for a win but that feeling comes less and less these years. A low is racing in cold/wet weather which my body doesn't support well and any time we hit the deck in a crash! Boo to that.

Training schedule

2-3 specific sessions and one long spin per week is the most I can squeeze in at the moment at max 6-8hrs in total. (Not nearly enough) but I'm not stage racing till later in the year.

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