Rider Profile

Aidan Crowley


Name: Aidan Crowley
Date of Birth: 29/10/1974
Height: 6ft 2"
Weight: 90kg

Aidan Crowley

Daily Routine

Being self employed, I find it hard to juggle work as you are owned by the business and got to do the hours for the clients before thinking about the bike and being an A1 racing Cyclist when it comes to the training so I try and just fit it in when I can during the week. The longer evenings give me more options now if I am busy in the morning that I can get out. My hours would typically be anywhere between 5hrs – 12hrs per week and I make do with this. I try and race as much as I can as this is training in itself and just take it on the chin when I get hammered or murdered at the weekends as I know that I didn’t do enough during the week to be active in the race.


I am racing 32 years so I have lots of highs and lows. In cycling it is my view you have to celebrate the highs when they happen as they come few and far between. Seeing all the lads do well in the team and friends winning races, I get as much of a kick out of it than if I won myself. I suppose competing internationally is a High in itself and it shows you who and what is out there. I have competed in 19 RAS’s and finished 17 of them so I remember each one like a family member as they were so hard and you would see guys winning who would be on the TV the following year at the Tour De France so knowing you were not far behind them is good in itself. I have been a National Champion of Ireland several times over my racing career and I have just finished the hardest Mountain Bike Race in the world , the 8 Day Cape Epic in South Africa so I am thrilled with that.


Breaking bones in accidents that cause me a lot of pain and then I have sit to out periods of the season. I have broken collar bones, arms, wrist’s, ribs on each side and cracked my skull 3 times so these lows in themselves when they happen but you got to make them positives. The 2 times I did not finish the RAS hit me hard as did coming second 11 times over 1 season a while back.

Major Wins

  • 6 times Team Prize Winner/Member of An Post Ras

  • 3 Times National Champion

  • Cork County and Munster Past Champion

  • Irish Representative

  • Winner of over 130 races over my 32 years racing.

  • 19 Time Ras Rider.

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